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In weekends, on camps, at full week retreats, we have been offerering training in most European countries, East and West, and in Australia and New Zealand. Check out under activities fur the current training events.

A major training opportunity is the yearly International Winter Retreat. This retreat runs since 1999, first in Estonia, later in the Czech Republic, close to the German border, and now in our home base, Khankah Samark. In this Retreat, we offer both training facilities in the form of feedback sessions and guitar classes by Arjuna for accompayment of the dances. 

Feedback session are always an essential element in these trainings. Our techniques and background for training are written down in our booklet 'On with the Dance!' which has been selling worldwide and is available in English, Dutch, German, French, Czech, Russian and Bosnian.
As background we provide a curriculum on the major religions and offer write-ups and background for most of the dances, if available.

Elements of the training are:

  • Astrological walks
  • Breath practices
  • Attunement
  • Background to the Dances and the mantras
  • How to make a program
  • Basic movements and symbolism
  • Background to the spiritual traditions
  • Rituals, background and function
  • Voice work, & rhythm
  • Musical accompaniment (guitar, percussion)
  • Body work


As energy exchange for mentoring we ask a donation of some kind following the Buddhist principle of dana.

Here are some possible ways of offereing dana:

Forms of exchange:


  • Money. An excellent and easy form, as we need money for our work, our travels abroad and for our general living. It's also very clear: an amount per year (or a periodical withdrawal) and that's it. As you know we try to be fair and not too high with our prices for events like retreats, training and open dance days, so we really hope what you receive at these events already is the right exchange for what you pay. However, if you feel you pay already enough by donating towards these events, so be it. If you feel we charge too little, you know the way!
  • Work. The workload with for instance the computer (addresses, maintaining website) is pretty high. Maybe there are ways you can help us out, like setting up a new address book for us?
  • Organizing for us: Some mentees support us by inviting us to their home country or city, thus keeping us on the road. This usually involves a great deal of work. It is is a great way of exchange and helps us financially if you live in a country where we can actually earn money through workshops. Among other things, this is  the kind of dana we offer to our mentor.
  • Organizing for the Network/SRI: We feel part of the larger body of the legacy of Murshid SAM, so all work done in this sense is also work for us. Serving is always part of the job! We also practice this form of dana to honor SAM's legacy.
  • Holding us in our heart. We hope you already do this, as we do with you. Part of mentorship is keeping to bond between us alive. If it has become stale or not living, be creative and do something about it!
  • Inspiration. Always great if you can give us inspiration, like new repertoire, games, songs et cetera. Of course this option won't be open for all.
  • Feel free to come with other suggestions.