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Activities / Agenda / Veranstaltungen


Program 2019  

9 - 15 Samark Winter Retreat (N.B. Ends on Friday morning)
The Journey of the Soul.
This 19th Winter Retreat will be dedicated to the inner journey that our soul-self may take on our spiritual path. This means going through forgiveness and repentance toward the world of inspiration and intuition.
Clik here for more info (EN or DE)
15 - 16 Dance Weekend Bremen
The Art of Remembrance
Zikr is the ancient Sufi practice to remember Unity. Behind this practice is the spiritual paradox that we gain strength by letting go, as is expressed in the Sufi terms fan and baka. Deeper understanding of the apparent paradox can help us in our daily life.
Click here for more info (DE)
German spoken. Contact Renate
13 - 14 Dance Weekend Sydney (Australia)
Contact Zebunissa  
16 - 21 Annual Dance Retreat Australia
The Call of the Dervish
Using Rumi's poetry, we will distill from his teachings every day a next step to bring us closer to our spiritual self and so to the Divine. This way, we'll learn to listen to our inner call, face our passion, understand we have ‘two addresses' and learn to ‘die before we die', all ingredients that drove Rumi to his beautiful poetry.
Contact Zebunissa
17 - 19 Dance Retreat Moscow
The Sufi Path of Love and Understanding
Contact Marina Kamila

Dance Day Dublin
The Sufi Path of Love and Understanding
The wings of Love and of understanding can make our hearts fly.
Contact Zahira Noor

7 - 10  

Samark Pentecost Retreat
The Aramaic Lord's Prayer
As we have a whole weekend, we can dive deep into this prayer of Jesus and his mystical Middle Eastern background.

29 - July 6 Ruhaniat Summer School (Proitzer Mühle, Germany)
Annual gathering of the EU Sufi family with EU Sufi teachers. 
Contact Qadima) or Aziz
English/German spoken.
July / August  
date to be announced Samark Summer Week (NB: Ends on Friday)
Unity and Diversity
The Unity of religious Ideals is a cornerstone of Hazrat Inayat Khans Message. With nature as the window to the divine, we can look at the nature traditions and see what we have lost. We can also look at the modern traditions and see what we have gained to support us in our daily life. 
6 - 8   Dance Retreat Poland (Koyczkowo)
Theme to be annonced
Contact Mariola Floreska (E-mail)
21 - 22 Dance Weekend Hamburg (Germany)
The Sufi Path of Love and Understanding
The wings of Love and of understanding can make our hearts fly.
Yoga Centrum Hamburg. 
Contact Heinz Scheffler German spoken     
26 - 29 Dutch Retreat Khankah Samark
As De Weyst is not available for our annual Dutch Retreat, we decided to have a fully Dutch Retreat in the Khankah. 
Dutch spoken
7 - 18    Sahara Pilgrimage
Desert Life
The experience of the Desert can be so powerful that many travelers keep returning. So on request of many, we will return to the Sahara for the fifth time. To wander and wonder, to retreat and rejoice, to laugh and love and most of all to be one with the Desert and thus deepen the contact with the inner self.
Click here for more info (EN or DE)
N.B: Waiting List
01 - 3

Vertiefungsswochenende Bredbeck (Bremen area)
This weekend of training and deepening is for all who love to dance, lead or accompany musically.
We will focus on different themes from our manual 'The Art of Dance Leading and Mentoring' . Feedback Sessions enable the participants to practice their skills. 
Contact  Hans-Peter Baum  (E-Mail)

21 - 24   Samark Sesshin (Khankah Samark)
Zen & Zikr
In a Sesshin, we alternate dancing with meditating. 
To further the inner process, part of the weekend will be in silence.  
28 - 1 January  

Silvester Celebration (Khankah Samark)
New Year Retreat & Celebration
Retreat and celebration to look back in gratitude for what 2019 has brought us and to look forward to unfolding of some of our next steps in life in 2020. 
English/German spoken.




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