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PIM Shop

HIK Draw us closer € 17,50
Hardcover € 25,00

Draw us closer focuses on the life, teachings and prayers of Hazrat Inayat Khan. The title of the book is taken from one of his prayers. 
Inayat Khan's prayers show a consistency and cover some of his main themes like mastery, faith, sincerity, and optimism.  With a biography of the Indian master and chapters on the forms, aspects and effectiveness of prayer, the God-ideal, equanimity and the Unity of Religious Ideals, drawn from Inayat Khan's lectures, and detailed background to his five main prayers, Draw us closer offers an introduction to the art of praying in general and Inayat Khan's prayers in particular.   As Draw us closer draws on a wealth of teachings from different lectures and books, this book may serve as an introduction for both the beginning and more advanced students on the path to the teachings of the Indian Sufi master who in 1910 brought Sufism to the West and made it universal and open for all creeds.   The commentaries to the prayers are written with a special focus on practical use, with examples of how separate lines can be used as modern mantras to meditate upon and to face the innumerable issues that confront us every day, from the aspect of forgiving to a healthy self-worth as an antidote to the pandemic diseases of our demanding society. 

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